A digital magazine on sexuality in the Global South

Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues (TARSHI) believes that all people have the right to sexual wellbeing and to a self-affirming and enjoyable sexuality. Over the years, we have been working on creating and disseminating information on sexuality related issues through various programmes, publications and our digital magazine In Plainspeak. As the name suggests, In Plainspeak talks about basic as well as complicated and even contentious issues of sexuality and rights in simple (but not simplistic) language.

Housed in TARSHI, a New Delhi based NGO working since 1996 on creating and disseminating information on sexuality related issues, we publish two issues of In Plainspeak every month. In Plainspeak creates content and generates knowledge and discussion on issues of sexuality and sexual and reproductive health and rights in the global South from a sexuality affirming and feminist perspective. In the last five years we have published articles on over 60 different monthly themes ranging across Sports and Sexuality, Disability and Sexuality, Science and Sexuality, Humour and Sexuality, and many more. In Plainspeak also has an interesting selection of features like video interviews, podcasts and thematic short films. A cross-cutting theme across all forthcoming issues is: How can we expand safe, inclusive sexuality-affirming spaces?

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