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An illustration showing a naked body wearing only white and pink lace panties


Looking at my tiny/ Equally dusty, torn, ravished collection/I wonder/Why I kept coming back to you.
A scene from Sita Sings The Blues. Scott, A. O. “Legendary Breakups: Good (Animated) Women Done Wrong in India.” An illustration of sita lying in bed with hanuman behind her.

Why Do We Find Erotica Shameful?

Erotica, which according to statistics is largely a women dominated genre, often creates a platform where women across space and time can connect and don’t feel alienated in their sexual needs when they find a heroine with the same desire, or when they read about a plot situation which resonates with their own.
Bird's eye view of an urban city, full of buildings

Youth, Class and Sexuality

Class is a very important factor if you want to associate with "smart" company. Your looks, your fashion sense, your taste in music, your knowledge about international issues and celebrity gossip become very important to belong to "that" bunch of people.