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The I Column

The ‘I’ Column
A personal account of how individuals see sexual rights as affecting them and highlight their affirmation or violation in a variety of cultural and country settings.

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The Paradox of Principles

I do not feel the need to fight the feminist war within these spaces all the time, now that it has become my home. I have come to terms with the idea that certain contradictions can co-exist peacefully like the yin and yang. But still, sometimes, my mind is roiled in conflict, with me cautiously trying to balance my two identities – the feminist and the army officer’s wife. Nevertheless, I am unwilling to give up one for the other (even if I might be perceived as being less of one of them). So I continue to be an individual with two seeming contradictions: a feminist army-officer’s-wife!

Pyaar Online: Cruising Online for Love

Generations come and go but the quest for love remains eternal. In the early 2000s, most of us millennials were getting our first email accounts. By 2004, Orkut, a now defunct social networking site, had come up. It was exhilarating to connect with all of one’s crushes, old and new, from behind the security of…

The Learning Curve on Desire, Desirability, and Financial Access

From my experience of being at the receiving end of this snap judgment of desirability, and seeing what a loss it is of getting to know people as persons instead of cardboard images, I realise how unjust this approach is towards seeking companions (which doesn’t necessarily mean romantic partners). This is not how I would want to be seen. I have been missing out on a lot of sexual, emotional and intellectual stimulation by reducing a person’s attractiveness to these notions.


I was a shy kid, coming into my element only at home with my sister. I didn’t like being at social gatherings; large groups of peers or family made me go back into my shell. I never thought this would change, but like everything else, it did. I was surprised to find myself becoming a very sociable young adult, creatively inclined, and the life of any party.

My Boundaries, My Pleasure

I was 30 years old when memories of the sexual abuse I experienced as a child flooded my conscious thoughts. I was sitting in a session with a client – I am a mental health professional – when suddenly, a memory of playing hide-and-seek made its way out of my subconscious mind.