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The Church says: the body is a sin Science says: the body is a machine Advertising says: the body is a business The Body says: I am a fiesta – Eduardo Galeano in Walking Words Bodies are central to human beings. And the way we experience our bodies is closely linked to how we experience desire. The desiring…
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The Casteist Charsobeesi[1] of Chachi 420

 Kamal Hassan has come to be quite a literal poster boy of all anti-caste memes lately. To reminisce about the innocence of decades gone by and better situate my current critique, I recently went back to some of his “classics”. Like most Tamil children growing up in that liminal limbo of the 90s, I had…

Making women out of men: Mystifying queer desires, staging queerness in Siraj’s Māyā Mridanga

Māyā Mridanga infinitely problematises the nature vs. nurture debate that is central to sexuality studies. The novel seems to suggest that a certain kind of male body – feminine, smooth, shapely – is the ideal raw material for making a chhokra out of a biological man. Ustaad Jhaksa, whose life the novel documents[2], repeatedly emphasises on this act of nurturing, moulding and pruning of a feminine male body for which he has fatherly affection as well as a lover’s lust.

Review: Khamosh Pani – What heaven is there for me?

Who fights, who flees and who flows with the tide? Branching off from the community, with all the comforts that it offers, can become a true test of character.This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Partition of India – a significant chapter in our history when millions of people were faced with this dilemma.
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How Queer are your Dating Apps?

Online dating websites and apps are one of those technological innovations that people did not think would ever do well. How can one form a connection without physical interaction? Do you not need to know one another? Virtual is real was a much less known and accepted notion a few years ago. Today, online dating…