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Mental Health and Sexuality

Collage of posters of three films - Omkara, Maqbool and Haider. The first poster shows a man and woman embracing, the second shows a man intimately caressing the head of a woman and the thirs shows a man holding up a human skull

Man, His Madness, and the Mad Woman

Mad adj. crazy, nuts, loony, mental, insane. adj. angry, frustrated, raging. No one is a better drama queen than William Shakespeare. Buried in the thousands of pages he has written are men and women whose throes of passion take them to the edge of sanity and back. An unlucky few fall off the edge. Some…
Silhouette of the head of a figure emitting the colours of the rainbow flag

Forced into illness!

For long, a major section of our population considered people belonging to sexual ‘minorities’ as being mentally ill. They believed that their sexual orientation could be ‘cured’ by therapy, psychiatric consultation, medicines and counselling. Many, even today, hold similar opinions, and it cannot be denied that we still have a long way to go. But…
Abract pastel sketches on white paper

Issue In Focus: Rabbits, Monsters And Terrified Therapists

The rabbit and the monster is a story about a baby rabbit all alone in a jungle trying to escape a terrifying monster. This rabbit could have been eaten but in this story our rabbit is spiritually connected to a divine energy. Empowered by this energy… … a young woman, 19 years old, takes a…