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Issue In Focus

Issue in Focus
An article focused on writing a nuanced perspective piece on the selected theme of the month. It can also include a particular campaign/movement on sexual rights in the region – history, the development of the movement, how mobilizing is happening, etc.

Word limit: 800 – 1200 words
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winds of change in communities

Community and Sexuality: Learning a Politics of Unbelonging

After writing the words “Community and Sexuality” as the working title of this piece, I attempted to begin writing many times, but kept getting stuck at “community” and its meaning. I kept coming back to this common phrase that we hear often in conversations, “hamare yahaan...”, “hum logon mein...”,[1] or the many variations of the…

Ctr Alt Swipe Right: Sex, Sexuality and the Internet in India

The promises of the Internet are, of course, highly contextual. The Internet will mean very different things to a person who has access to their own mobile phone in a city with a reliable and affordable broadband or WiFi connection, as compared to someone who does not have access to a reliable Internet connection or who is unable to go to a shop to exchange downloaded songs and clips through an SD card.

Issue in Focus: Money, Money, Money – Must be Funny

A few days ago, we were doing a self-reflective exercise at work on what gives us power, how we demonstrate power, and what (or who) has power over us. Surprisingly, but not much, I found money featuring across the board for me: be it through financial independence or financial constraints. Power, as exercised by me or as exercised over me, has been intricately tied with my sexuality – ranging from job options to travel decisions to reproductive choices – and money seemed to lord over it all. It wasn’t the only lord, but it was quite a powerful lord.

Issue in Focus: Colouring Within the Lines

When colours spill across, when a little bit of the red house-paint spills into the blue sky, or the brown door seems to meld in with the green grass, we see ‘errors’ that must be corrected in another attempt to preserve the perfect order of that emergent world.