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Russian dolls

Editorial: Performance and Sexuality

We are many selves. Or rather, like a series of Russian Matryoshka dolls nested one within the other, we perform many selves. But unlike the dolls that are already fashioned, our performance can change, both for the outside world and also for ourselves. Sexuality and gender are performance while they are also integral parts of…
Picture of a man and woman, in period costume, kissing.

Outlander: A Review

Time and time again, Galbaldon asks us, through the character of Claire, to remember that we are travelers, we move and are moved by the interactions and environments around us.
Picture of singers Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsale,. They are both dressed in sarees.

How the Lata Mangeshkar-Asha Bhosle Era of Bollywood Music Marginalised an Entire Range of Female Singers

Lata Mangeshkar, the definitive female voice for decades, largely covered two out of the three stereotypical characters available for the heroine: the sexually unaware infantile (grown) girl and the Hindu wife/Mother Nation. Asha Bhosle, her sister, took on the task of rendering the third voice (which Mangeshkar refused) — the ‘bad’ girls — of cabaret dancers, vamps, and tragic courtesans.
Picture of two trains, one already present on the platform, and another approaching the platform. They are both green in colour with off-white stripes on them

In Transit

I could have called it transformation instead of transitioning. But it became clear to me that transitioning does not necessarily imply a caterpillar-butterfly story but that it means a gradual acceptance of the self (and the self is ever-transitioning); of being comfortable in your own skin (even if it means shedding skin); of perfecting your act (even if it means learning a few new things).