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A hand holding up a phone where the tinder app is open

As A Woman Who Isn’t Interested In Sex, People Want To Know Why I’m On Tinder

Every match that came my way, every person I spoke to, every time someone pointed to the word “asexual” in my bio – it was all an exercise in acceptance, compassion, and empathy. People were asking questions because they wanted to know how best to interact with me, how to respect my boundaries, how to to get over their own misgivings about ‘my kind’.
Picture of a man lying in bed with eyes closed while a woman sits beside him

The Romance of Small Intimacies

For a while now, I have been invested in noticing the unique terms of endearment that characterise individual relationships. What are some of the non-verbal, non-physical ways in which couples begin to connect with each other? Intimacies that are so subtle that they are almost invisible and often hidden in plain sight?
Still from "Fire", showing two women standing together intimately, smiles on their faces

Let’s Talk About 377 | Popular Culture is Changing How India Views Homosexuality

When Deepa Mehta’s Fire came out in 1996, violent protests roiled India over the depiction of romance between two female leads. There is no homosexuality in India, demonstrators declared while burning effigies in the Capital. In contrast, when Margarita With A Straw came out in 2014, it received accolades for its sensitive portrayal of queer desire in a woman with disability.