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Author: TARSHI

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Editorial: Memory and Sexuality

In our mid-month issue we have an interesting medley of articles many of which talk about the memory of and in the body. Rashi Kapoor presents a therapist’s perspective on body memory and healing, Debanuj Das Gupta offers us a deeply personal and political insight into AIDS, melancholia and queer memory...
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Editorial: Home and Sexuality

Home. Be it a real home or an aspirational one, the very word evokes longing and a sense of comfort, safety, and belongingness. As this month’s articles show us, when it comes to home and sexuality, sometimes the real and the aspirational meet and sometimes they do not. Our homes may house us but they may or may not have room for our sexual expression and desires.

Editorial: Friendship and Sexuality

The statement “We are just friends”, does it make you wonder? Just friends? As in – merely friends? As in – friends not lovers? Even so, why the ‘just’? Is being friends and not lovers a lower category? While lovers are falsely privileged over friends, the truth is that friends may last longer than lovers…
Saathi: IIT

Video Page: Mere Saathi

Saathi IIT Bombay, an LGBTQ resource group of students and staff at IIT Bombay welcomed new entrants in 2015 with a video of three queer students speaking of the acceptance and allies they found on campus. From one whose friend played an important role in making her realise she is lesbian, to two others who…

Brushstrokes: Birth Control Tales

Framed as fun conversations between friends, a series of comic strips on different birth control methods –implants, intrauterine devices, injectable, and pill, patch and ring –aim to educate young adults. By Dr. Aparna Sridhar MD MPH, an academic physician who specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Rebecca Roher, Master of Fine Arts, the comic strips discuss how…