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Author: TARSHI

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Editorial: Power and Sexuality

In the mid-month issue we carry the second part of Madhu Mehra’s interview with Shikha Aleya about the law, power, inequalities, sexuality, consent and building a sex-positive culture. As Madhu says, for navigating negotiations and consent within sexual relationships more work is needed than merely lessons in legal literacy.
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Brushstrokes: Pussy and Patron

Photographer Roshni Kumar’s photo-series, Pussy and Patron, seeks to challenge this, drawing inspiration from “retro erotica” to capture photos of the nude female form expressing desire and sexual agency in empowered ways.
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Editorial: Language and Sexuality

In the mid-month issue we have articles about the power of language to name, shame, and wound as well as articles about the subversive potential of language to turn the established order on its head and sing and dance around it.Here we mean language, as in not-just-English.