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Author: Smita Vanniyar

मैं कहाँ जाऊँ?

मैं एक नॉन-बाइनरी व्यक्ति (जो जेंडर को महिला-पुरुष युग्मक तक सीमित नहीं मानते) हूँ जिसका जन्म के समय जेंडर निर्धारण लड़की के रूप में हुआ। इस समय मेरी रिहाइश मुंबई में है। मेरी वेश-भूषा और पहनावा ऐसा जिसे आप पुरुषों का पहनावा कह सकते हैं। आप मुझे कमीज़, टी-शर्ट, पैंट, निक्कर या शॉर्ट्स और ‘आदमियों’…
"Women only" signage at Delhi metro stations

Where Do I Go?

As renowned queer scholar Judith Butler said, “For those who are still looking to become possible, possibility is a necessity." This is essential but also easier said than done.
Its a photo where there is a text that says, 'I saw you on tinder' in red.

How Queer are your Dating Apps?

Online dating websites and apps are one of those technological innovations that people did not think would ever do well. How can one form a connection without physical interaction? Do you not need to know one another? Virtual is real was a much less known and accepted notion a few years ago. Today, online dating…
Two women kissing each other.

How Lesbians in India Redefine the Idea of Community

I have always loved the Internet. Its potential to provide information and connect people has always amazed and enthralled me. Hence, I decided to look at how queer women in India, lesbian and bisexual women in particular, use the Internet to meet other queer women. I looked at three dating sites in particular, PinkSofa, OKCupid and Mingle2, apart from the usual social media sites.