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Building better workplaces

The #MeToo movement gave voice to the existing pandemic of sexual violence globally, especially against women. Sexual violence against women was (and is) being perpetrated in every space–our homes, the streets, and the workplace.

Introduction to Explore: Stories of Youth & Sexuality

This article was originally published in The Medium. Explore: Stories of Youth & Sexuality Growing up, I was a very sexually curious, open, and experimentative child. I had a sort of spirit surrounding it, an inquisitive drive to learn more about my own body, and the sexual world I had just recently discovered existed. Persistent…

The Man In The Saree

This article was originally published in Gaysi magazine, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 IN) Posted byAsfiyah Posted onJan 7 2020 To my astonishment, and fiendish delight, I witnessed a sight unbeknown to me. A man wearing a… saree? A spurt of giggles escaped my mouth as I prodded my mother, and pointed conspicuously towards the window. I don’t…

Medical Abortion: Nurses have a Say?

This article was originally published in Hidden Pockets. Have you heard the Beatles song “Help?” or  Do you remember that song? Ever thought it along the lines of people in need for abortion and nurses? “Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody, Help, you know  I need someone, help. When I was younger, so…