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Two pictures are superimposed on each other. In the foreground is a picture of a woman standing on a beach. In the background is a picture of a little girl staring straight at us.

Nostalgia, Love and Desire: A Personal Narrative

I met Benjamin on a hot summer day in 20xx. I was still young, single, and blissfully unaware of the responsibilities ahead of me. Don’t get me wrong—I wasn’t just any young, single, middle class girl having fun. I had fought very hard to achieve that status itself. Let me rewind. It was the summer…
A cartoon of a man and woman sitting under a falling rain. Inside a heart-shaped bubble is written, "Our love started blooming as soon as we realised we are from the same caste."

Brahmins preferred: The Caste of Sexuality

Advancing the most penetrative and succinct theory of caste, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar had this to say in 1916 when he first presented his paper 'Castes in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development': This sub-division of a society is quite natural. But the unnatural thing about these sub-divisions is that they have lost the open-door…
Painting of Saadat Hassan Manto looking anxious, with something in Urdu written in background.

5 Urdu Stories That Explore The Plight Of Women In Marriages

All these stories are examples of courage and hold great significance in the development of the Urdu story and for bringing to our notice the misery of the average Indian woman. A new era of Urdu stories has taken birth that not only acknowledges the issues of women inside and outside of house, but also openly deals with ‘immodest’ and ‘indecent’ themes such as sexuality.
Black-and-white photo of saree-clad writer Amrita Pritam, holding a pen by her cheek thinking something.

Amrita Pritam: Not Just A Poet, But Revolution Personified | #IndianWomenInHistory

Amrita Pritam’s legacy for women and subsequent generations is to intentionally challenge status quo, trying to use art to challenge accepted taboos and redefine them. Be fearless, unabashed and courageous in the face of crude censorship and charges of obscenity, of raising and using your voice to speak as you see the world – not in the manner that the world expects you to speak.
Doodle of two male gods sitting together closely, hugging. One has rested his head on the other's shoulder.

Bromances from mythology

Biblical scholars, who value abstinence, reject such sexual interpretations, but not modern LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) activists, who have even traced formal same-sex unions in Church liturgy called adelphopoiesis or “brother-making”. We see what we want to see. We allow what we are comfortable with, and what we are mature about. Love is indeed a splendid thing. But sex remains a bad habit.
Drawing of a woman plucking a red apple from a tree. The red colour stand out as everything else - she, trees, other apples on the tree are filled-in with black colour.


“In fact, if you look at all these lady-heroines, it’s the same tedious tale again and again: the grand prize of a girl’s existence is shown to be her marriage to a wealthy and powerful man.”