Trainings and Workshops

TARSHI conducts trainings on sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights and counselling skills, tailor-made to suit the needs of organisations working in the field. An important objective of our trainings is to encourage participants to incorporate concepts of sexuality and rights in their day-to-day work. We conduct trainings in English and Hindi. 

In 2003, we began conducting annual announced trainings. Over the years, we received many requests from different organisations and groups, both nationally and internationally, to conduct trainings for them. To keep up with the pace of emerging demands, we now conduct both, trainings organised by TARSHI and trainings on-demand. Some of the organisations we have conducted trainings for and with are: IPPF (South Asia Region), GFATM (India), Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Dhaka, Bangladesh), Mones (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia), ARROW (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Tara Homes (New Delhi, India), Gurgaon Ki Awaaz (Gurgaon, India), HRLN (New Delhi, India), The YP Foundation (New Delhi, India), Jagori (New Delhi, India), AARTH ASTHA (New Delhi, India), Shriram Foundation (Chennai, India), and schools like Presidium and Step by Step, colleges and universities like Delhi University (India),  Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai, India), Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (India), etc.  To contact us for trainings and workshops, click here.

Basic Trainings

Our Basic Trainings on Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights are aimed at developing understanding and linkages between sexuality, gender, health and rights.

Regional Trainings

Our Regional Trainings bring together participants from all over the South and Southeast Asia region and are based on basic concepts around sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights and understand their links to law, policy and social realities.

Basics and Beyond

These trainings are based on Basics and Beyond: Integrating Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, a manual developed by TARSHI for trainers. The trainings comprise of an understanding of sexuality, and its links with SRHR, tips and tools to deal with participants and ideas for adapting the exercises for specific audiences.

Counselling Skills Trainings

These are aimed at enhancing capacities of practitioners, professionals and individuals working on gender and sexuality related issues with basic counselling skills that help them engage with people in a non-judgemental and approachable manner.


Our consultancies with NGOs, schools and other organisations are aimed towards creating a broader understanding on issues pertaining to gender and sexuality, addressing myths, and prompting debates through technical support, development of publications, feasibility studies and content development for eLearning courses. We also conduct counselling trainings that address basic counselling skills, ethics and burnout prevention.