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What Makes Sexuality Education Comprehensive? Exploring the Indian Context, 2019 – Working Paper 

This working paper documents the evolving nature and status of Sexuality Education (SE) in India. It examines how SE is currently understood, to what extent current SE programmes in India are comprehensive, and offers recommendations to consider towards adopting a comprehensive approach to SE for adolescents and young people. You can also find the paper online here


Erotica and Sexuality, July 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

What is erotica? It is material – written, visual, audio ­– that in an ongoing process of our engagement with it, weaves into our innermost sensual and sexual desires. Our July issue on Erotica and Sexuality goes beyond the labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to explore diverse ideas of what people find sexy.

Class and Sexuality, June 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

Class, often obviously and at other times insidiously, determines access, privilege, knowledge, and agency, whether we’re aware of it or not. And these in turn influence how we explore and experience sexuality. Check out our June issue to explore connections between Class and Sexuality.

Diversity and Sexuality, May 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

We are exhorted to accept, celebrate, embrace and respect diversity. Right from school, Indian children learn that there is “unity in diversity”. But is there? Has unity become a euphemism for homogeneity? Explore connections between Diversity and Sexuality in our May issue.

Public Space and Sexuality, April 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

Parks, streets, railway stations, shopping malls, open air village markets (haats), the Internet. All of these and many others are public spaces that intersect with and offer us smaller or larger zones of private spaces. Are they even distinct any more, now that one can, with a tiny webcam, broadcast the most ‘private’ to anyone who cares to watch? Check out our April issue to explore connections between Public Space and Sexuality.

Choice and Sexuality, March 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

How do we make choices? In most cases we do a sort of cost-value analysis. This rational exercise is handy when it comes to most matters but it very rarely can be applied to matters of sexuality, because let’s face it, our sexual choices for the most part are not a result of rational, level-headed decision making. Explore these discussions in our March issue on Choice and Sexuality.

Intimacy and Sexuality, February 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

Do the ways we experience and express our sexuality foster intimacy? Do experiences of intimacy nurture our sexual wellbeing? Can we experience sexual wellbeing without being in a sexually intimate relationship?” In response to these questions, we have received a range of thoughtful and thought-provoking articles. Check out our February issueto explore connections between Intimacy and Sexuality.

Anthology Issue, January 2019 issue of In Plainspeak

There’s a lot happening in the world today that impinges on the ways in which we can express our sexuality freely; there’s an opening up as well as a clamping down when it comes to sexual freedoms. And so, a cross-cutting theme across all forthcoming issues in 2019 is going to be how we can expand safe, inclusive sexuality-affirming spaces. To begin the year on a positive note, we have curated articles from older editions. Check out our January  issue.

Here's information on some 2018 issues of our eMagazine, In Plainspeak

Popular Culture and Sexuality, December 2018 issue of In Plainspeak

Popular culture is often regarded as being lowbrow. It includes things as varied as fashion, music, and comics. It represents the dominant views that are prevalent in a particular society at a particular time. Similarly, sexual norms are the ideas about what is regarded as acceptable in a given society at a given time. Check out our December issue to explore connections between Popular Culture and Sexuality.

Sex and Sexuality, November 2018 issue of In Plainspeak

Prisms cause rainbow effects because they refract light into its constituent colours. This means the prism itself does not create the colours we see, but that they are already present in what appears to be colourless or ‘white’ light. It seems like an apt metaphor to understand that the way we look at things determines what we see. And so, in November issue of In Plainspeak each of our contributors’ shows us what comes through their prism on Sex and Sexuality.

Beauty and Sexuality, October 2018 issue of In Plainspeak

Beauty gleams in unexpected places, but its effulgence turns to tawdry glitter when it is shaped and squeezed into form-fitting frames. Rigid ideas of what is beautiful or desirable can reinforce oppressive structures. To explore these connections and more, check out our October issue on Beauty and Sexuality.

Performance and Sexuality, September 2018 issue of In Plainspeak

We are many selves. Or rather, like a series of Russian Matryoshka dolls nested one within the other, we perform many selves. But unlike the dolls that are already fashioned, our performance can change, both for the outside world and also for ourselves. Explore connections between Performance and Sexuality in our September issue.

Desire and Sexuality, August 2018 issue of In Plainspeak

Some desires we can speak about openly, the socially accepted ones while, what is not socially acceptable has perforce to lurk in the shadows. That’s why there are so many ‘rules’ around sexuality and the ways in which we may or may not express our sexual desires. To explore these connections and more, check out our August issue on Desire and Sexuality.

Power and Sexuality, July 2018 issue of In Plainspeak

In simple terms, power is the ability or capacity to do something or to get others to do it. Those with greater power have greater control over resources. And as our July’s issue show, these manifestations of are often replicated when it comes to Power and Sexuality.

Wellbeing and Sexuality, June 2018 issue of In Plainspeak

A spider’s web is a beautiful thing, an intricate work of patience and a beautiful example of interconnectedness. In June’s issue of In Plainspeak we bring you articles that illustrate how some of the silken skeins that make up our delicate yet tensile webs of Sexual Wellbeing are the support systems that enrich us and the ways we perceive our bodies and how we exercise our bodily autonomy.

And here are some earlier issues of In Plainspeak...

Freedom and Sexuality, December 2017 issue of In Plainspeak

It sounds so liberating to some, but to some others, freedom is the spark that can light the powder keg of sexuality. And that is why the sexual freedoms we have are so precious. Read more in our December issue.

Time and Sexuality, November 2017 issue of In Plainspeak

Take Time. Add Sexuality to it. How does it move? In a straight line, in circles, or does it zig and then zag? Does it loop around to the very beginning? Move in spirals? Wind down and stop? Going by the articles in the November issue, it seems to do all this and more.

Caste and Sexuality, October 2017 issue of In Plainspeak

A deeply entrenched issue in Indian society, the monster of caste, as Dr. Ambedkar called it, derides and rapaciously brutalizes not only potential matings and marriages but also the most delicate and fragile burgeonings of desire. For more on Caste and Sexuality, check out our October issue.

Accessibility and Sexuality, August 2017 issue of In Plainspeak

We can speak of many situations in terms of access or its lack for all kinds of people, and it will always give us insight into the society we live in. Check out our August issue to explore different aspects between Accessibility and Sexuality.

Some previous issues of In Plainspeak include

Communities and Sexuality

Internet and Sexuality

Money and Sexuality

Boundaries and Sexuality

Marriage and Sexuality

Self Care and Sexuality

Films and Sexuality

People’s Movements and Sexuality

Fantasy and Sexuality

Parenting and Sexuality

Migration and Sexuality

Attire, Identity and Sexuality 

Science and Sexuality

The Body and Sexuality

Check out our Archives for all previous issues (since 2013)


In 2017

Check out our campaign in collaboration with Feminism in India called ‘#WhyCSE – CSE In The Classroom’ to emphasise the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools. Read more about the campaign here.


In 2016

The Basics and Beyond Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Part 1, Summer 2016

The original 50-hour ‘Basics and Beyond’ eLearning course has been streamlined and is now being offered as two separate short courses: Part 1, Basics and Beyond Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Part 2, Beyond Basics Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Part 1, which addresses foundational-level concepts around sexuality, gender and SRHR ran from July 01 to 31, 2016 and is a pre-requisite for Part 2, which will be announced later in the year. 

The course was followed by a two day contact class in New Delhi, India. Read about it here.


In 2015

Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Fall 2015

After the successful completion of our Online Spring 2015 Session, we are happy to announce the Fall 2015 Session of the Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, from October 01, 2015 till November 20, 2015. For more details, click here. Applications closed.

Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Spring 2015

We are happy to announce our first Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Spring 2015 from February 16 till April 16, 2015. For details, click hereRegistrations Closed!

#TalkSexuality Campaign by TARSHI in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz

While growing up, any conversation that may be even remotely connected to sexuality is often evaded, be it in educational institutions or within our homes. Yet, these questions form a major part of our growing up years.
Through this campaign  #TalkSexuality, TARSHI in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz hopes to create conversations around these questions and discuss the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education? Do join in!