Online Course on Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Teachers and Educators

Adapted from TARSHI’s publication, ‘The Orange Book’ that was developed in 2010, this online course is specifically for teachers and educationists and aims to fill the gap created by the lack of teacher training on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). When working with teachers and educators, we are aware that they often find it difficult to become sexuality educators given that they have limited scope to explore their own doubts and feelings about gender, sex, sexuality, and get few opportunities to learn how to address these issues in a matter-of-fact manner. This eLearning course seeks to equip professionals with skills to engage with sexual and reproductive health issues within a school setting, with confidence and ease.

The course covers various concepts such as CSE, sexuality, gender, and topics related to body image, technology and its influence on young people, harassment of teachers and students, to name a few.  It also provides a space for self-reflection and values clarification. Each chapter has exercises that cover basic concepts along with more complex issues and require participants to reflect upon related issues from their work place and professional experience. The course is offered in the following modes:

Moderated mode: Moderated courses emulate the traditional classroom environment and take this experience to an online setting. This type of courses provides an opportunity for participants to receive support from facilitators via discussion forums, sharing of supplementary resources such as articles and videos. Registrations closed! Watch this space or our social media pages for updates on this mode.

Self-paced mode: Self-paced courses allow learners to access content at their pace, and from anywhere at any time as long as they complete the course within four months of being given access to the course. Registrations Open!

Course fee:

For learners from Delhi
Course Fee - INR 5,000 
SGST + CGST (9% + 9%) – INR 450 + 450
Total Payable amount – INR 5,900
For learners from Rest of India
Course Fee - INR 5,000 
IGST (18%) – INR 900
Total Payable amount – INR 5,900

Cost will be furnished on request for learners from South Asia and from other countries. Please write to for details.

Payment modes: Payments will be accepted by cheque/DD and through bank transfer for those from India and via bank transfer for those wishing to register from outside India

To know more and pre-register, please click here

Blended mode: Blended courses combine online and face-to-face learning or ‘Contact Classes’. Part of the course is given online and part of the course comprises face-to-face sessions, which can either precede or follow the online phase. Registrations are open only for people who have completed TARSHI’s eLearning course/s. If you have successfully completed the online course and are interested in attending the ‘Contact Class’ (additional charges will apply), please write a line of expression of interest to