Beyond Basics Online Course on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

  • A deeper insight into sexual and reproductive rights and how they play out in everyday  professional and personal lives
  • Requires Basics & Beyond eLearning course as a pre-requisite
  • To be announced shortly; please watch this space for more

The ‘Beyond Basics’ eLearning course takes further, the concepts of sexuality and sexual and reproductive health which learners are introduced to in the ‘Basics and Beyond’ course (a pre-requisite for this course), by addressing them in the context of human rights. After an introduction to sexual and reproductive rights, the course explores more complex issues such as those related to power, stigma, marginalisation and disability, and their impact/relationship with sexuality and SRH issues. Finally, it brings together related topics to illustrate how these can be used to effectively work in fields of sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, and advocacy. Only those who have successfully completed the Basics and Beyond Online Course (Part 1) will be eligible for this course.To learn more about the page, check out this page.

Course Fee: 

For learners from Delhi
Course Fee - INR 4,000 
SGST + CGST (9% + 9%) – INR 360 + 360
Total Payable amount (non-refundable) – INR 4,720
For learners from Rest of India
Course Fee - INR 4,000 
IGST (18%) – INR 720
Total Payable amount (non-refundable) – INR 4,720

Cost will be furnished on request for learners from South Asia and from other countries.

To avail special pricing on combined registration for both Part 1 and Part 2 of the courses, please check out this page. Alternatively, upon completion of the Basics and Beyond Part 1 course, please write a line of expression of interest to