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State Has Notorious Track Record in Human Trafficking

The Hindu ‐ Andhra Pradesh, India, 7/31/2016

The problem of human trafficking in the State is likely to get aggravated as the State is expected to witness a flurry of construction and other activities in the next 5 to 10 years, says Mr. N.V.S. Rammohan, State Coordination Committee on Anti-Human Trafficking. According to a study, 27.41 per cent of family members of the victims themselves forced them into sex work, while known persons constituted 18.40 per cent. Strangers inducting them into the trade stood at 9.31 per cent. A disturbing fact is that over 61 per cent of rescued victims of trafficking were forced into sex work when they were children.

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‘Women Are Taking The Lead in Global Affairs But Gender Inequality Still a Big Issue ... Including Hong Kong’

South China Morning Post ‐ Hong Kong, China, 7/31/2016

Women may be playing a more active role on the global political stage than ever before, but this does not necessarily reflect advances in gender equality, Taiwan’s former culture minister Lung Ying-tai argues. Lung, a prominent writer, said that while Theresa May had recently become British prime minister, Tsai Ing-wen was elected leader of Taiwan and Hillary Rodham Clinton could be the next US president, women around the world still found themselves facing discrimination based on their gender. For some, the situation was getting even worse.

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India Inclusive: Companies Make Room For LGBTs

The Times of India ‐ Chennai, India, 7/30/2016

In a country where homosexuality is criminalised and where the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people) community faces discrimination and a lack of basic rights, some corporate are celebrating diversity within their organisations. At some corporate houses, the process of inclusion starts at the recruitment stage itself. ‘We don't ask for any personal information such as gender, marital status. An unconscious social bias tends to rise within organisations and hence, it becomes important for corporate to take up this matter on a priority basis,’ says the HR Director of a very well known company.

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74% Male Sex Workers in Chennai at Risk of HIV: Study

The Times of India ‐ Chennai, India, 7/29/2016

A study by a group of researchers from institutes across the world, including the National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT), Chennai, has found that 74.2% of the MSWs they surveyed accepted more money from their clients to not use a condom. The study, recently published in AIDS Care, took into account experiences of 100 male sex workers around the age of 25 years in the city. The study threw another surprise highlighting the need to identify this group - nearly 72% said they wanted to continue sex work. ‘This being the case, HIV prevention interventions shouldn't try to draw MSWs away but focus on facilitating skills that will support their ability to negotiate sexual safety’.

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Mexico Transgender Trial Being Replicated in India

The Indian Express ‐ Pune, India, 7/28/2016

Transgender identity is classified as a mental health disorder in the world’s main diagnostic manuals. This controversial definition is now being rewritten by a WHO working group. A Mexican study published on the transgender experiences in The Lancet is being replicated in India, Brazil and South Africa to script a new chapter on conditions related to sexual health. According to mental health expert, Dr Vikram Patel the World Health Organisation is currently revising the International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-10 and ICD-11 is expected to be approved in May 2018.

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