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China Exclusive: Worries Over Plummeting Premarital Health Checkup Rate

Xinhua - Beijing, China, 4/30/2016

As marriage registration offices in China brace for the usual holiday rush ahead of May Day, health authorities are worried about a drastic decline in numbers having premarital physical checkups. Since China made these checks of reproductive health non-compulsory in 2003, fewer and fewer people have been choosing to have them, with many regions reporting a corresponding increase in birth defects.

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Colombia Legalises Same-Sex Marriage

The Hindu, Colombia, 4/29/2016

Colombia became the fourth South American country to allow same-sex marriage when the constitutional court definitively legalised it on 28 April, 2016. The Catholic country follows Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in formally recognising the rights of same-sex couples to marry. ‘The judges affirmed by a majority that marriage between people of the same sex does not violate constitutional order,’ presiding Judge Maria Victoria Calle told the court. ‘The current definition of the institution of marriage in civil law applies to them in the same way as it does for couples of the same sex,’ she said.

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Much Crime Unreported in Indian Cities, Sexual Harassment Complaints Ignored - Survey

Reuters - Mumbai, India, 4/28/2016

More than half the crimes in Mumbai and New Delhi go unreported, and police in those cities refuse to register most complaints of sexual harassment, according to the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. A public survey in the two cities showed that sexual harassment of women was the third most common crime, but most people who did not report it said they did not want to be caught up in bureaucracy or did not believe the police could help. ‘It is virtually impossible to know the true extent of how much crime is not reported due to police refusal to register complaints, but anecdotally, the problem appears widespread,’ Abhijit Sarkar and Dripto Mukhopadhyay wrote in the CHRI report.

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JNU is a Den of Organised Sex Racket, Says Dossier Prepared by University Teachers

India Today - New Delhi, India, 4/27/2016

A dossier prepared by a group of teachers of the Jawaharlal Nehru University is likely to add more fuel to the fiery controversy surrounding the prestigious academic institution. The 200-page report, which has been put together by a group of 11 JNU teachers, describes the university as a ‘den of organised sex racket.’ The document, which was prepared in 2015 and released only recently to a few journalists, has been submitted to the JNU administration, The Wire reports. The report has been prepared by a group of 11 teachers, who are believed to be close to the Bharatiya Janata Party and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, the students' wing of the RSS.

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Learn From Filipino Counterparts and Engage With LGBT Community, Local Police Told

Malay Mail - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4/27/2016

A transgender rights group told local police to engage with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer (LGBTQ) community in Kuala Lumpur, highlighting the Philippines police force that has undergone sensitisation training with such groups. Justice for Sisters expressed concern that Deputy Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Datuk Seri Noor Rashid Ibrahim’s statement about not allowing openly LGBT people into the force, even if they are qualified, would further perpetuate homophobia and transphobia among police officers.

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