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Karnataka: Transgenders in Prison to be Housed in Women's Wing

The Indian Express - Karnataka, India, 3/31/2016

Transgenders who are under a prison term in Karnataka have come under focus in the state now. Chamaraja MLA, Vasu, has raised the issue housing of transgender convicts and under trials in Karnataka's prisons with the home ministry. An English daily reported that the home ministry has promised to now allocate space to the prisoners so that they can be housed in the women's barracks.

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Poor Understanding of HIV and AIDS Still Prevalent

The Korea Herald, South Korea, 3/30/2016

Misperceptions of HIV and AIDS are still prevalent in South Korea, with many overlooking prevention, a survey showed. According to a survey conducted by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with the Korean Alliance to Defeat AIDS, 75.6 percent of respondents said they thought most people living with HIV contracted HIV from prostitution. Some 74 percent considered people with HIV or AIDS as those having a promiscuous sex life. The survey was conducted with 1,000 individuals aged 15 to 59 in 15 cities through one-on-one interviews. It aimed to analyze public perception and level of awareness toward HIV and AIDS.

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Widespread Sexual Harassment Still Persists in Delhi: Study

The Times of India - Delhi, India, 3/30/2016

Sexual harassment remains a pervasive problem in Delhi despite tougher laws being enacted after the Nirbhaya rape and murder case in 2012, according to a new study, published in the journal International Criminal Justice Review, that found 40 per cent of female respondents were sexually harassed in the past year. While sexual harassment is a problem experienced by women worldwide, it may be more prevalent in emerging democracies such as India and other countries in South Asia where women are becoming more involved in the workforce, said Mahesh Nalla, from the Michigan State University in US.

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Sridhar Rangayan's LGBT Film 'Breaking Free' Wins a National Award

Daily News and Analysis, India, 3/29/2016

Equal rights activist and filmmaker Sridhar Rangayan’s documentary film Breaking Free that highlights the impact and implications of Sec 377 on the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community won the National Award for Best Editing at the 63rd National Awards announced on 28 March, 2016. ‘This is a big victory for Indian LGBT community itself, as our film is a truthful, honest film that exposes the brutality of the law, police and government in victimising gay and transgender persons using Sec 377’, said Rangayan who has managed to weave together testimonials from persons actually booked under Sec 377 and who have been raped and tortured.

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NHRC Notice to Odisha DGP over Sexual Exploitation of AHHA Students

Odisha Sun Times - Orissa, India, 3/28/2016

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued notices to the Director General of Police (DGP) of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh over sexual harassment of girl students in Air Hostess and Hospitality Academy (AHHA). NHRC was urged to direct the concerned state governments to bring the culprits into court of justice and payment of interim compensation Rs 10 lakh to each student.

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