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National Symposium on Sexual Health

Vietnam News - Hanoi, Vietnam, 11/30/2016

Vietnam held its third national symposium on sexuality, health and society this week in Hanoi. This year’s theme was ‘Cultural and Institutional Barriers to Addressing Sexual Violence in Vietnam’. Almost 300 participants attended and discussed a variety of topics such as sexuality education in schools and the connections between sexual violence and HIV prevention.

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Govt Committed to Gender Responsive DRR Policy: DPM

The Kathmandu Post - Kathmandu, Nepal, 11/29/2016

The ‘South Asia Peer Learning Regional Consultation on Disaster Preparedness for an Effective Response for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment’ workshop was held this week, with representatives present from all South Asian nations except India. Participants discussed how to make disaster response mechanisms more gender-responsive. Disasters in South Asia can intensify gender inequalities, with women overlooked as leaders in rebuilding efforts and 14 times more likely to be injured or die during a disaster.

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Delhi Queer Pride Parade: Thousands March For Equality and a Life Without Fear

Huffington Post - New Delhi, India, 11/28/2016

Hundreds of people marched in the 9th annual Delhi Queer Pride Parade on Sunday November 27. The main focus of the march is to repeal Section 377, which criminalises same-sex relationships. However, the event is also held in solidarity with other groups that are marginalised based on caste, ability, gender, region, and religion. This year’s march had greater attendance than last year, with about 800-1000 people participating. The event is held annually on the last Sunday in November.

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Tanzania Suspends Anti-AIDS Programs

The Toledo Blade - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 11/27/2016

Tanzania has banned HIV and AIDS outreach initiatives that work with gay men, pending an evaluation to determine whether these programmes encourage homosexuality. There is some hope that the government will soon restore outreach efforts, but until then HIV positive patients are vulnerable to ‘viral rebound’, in which the virus becomes more damaging. About thirty percent of gay men in Tanzania are HIV positive, and according to health workers the ban may lead to rising numbers.

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Children’s Exploitation Continues Despite Laws

Sunday Guardian - New Delhi, India, 11/26/2016

The apathy of state governments towards protecting children in difficult conditions leads to the death of 3,000 children everyday due to malnutrition, according to a consolidated report on the situation of vulnerable children from India, released by Plan India, an independent child development organisation. About 23 million children in India are malnourished, 18 million children are living and working on the urban streets in India, while 4.3 million children are employed as child labourers and 40% of the 3 million sex workers are minors in India, according to the report.

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