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Startups Like ePsyClinic, YourDOST Help Patients Seek Advice on Mental or Sexual Health Issues

Economic Times, India, 10/31/2016

In India, there has been a recent surge in web-based services that provide mental and sexual health advice. These services are not only filling a need, but raising awareness about mental health and wellness throughout the country. India has ‘woefully low numbers of mental health professionals’, so people are flocking to these convenient, anonymous services.

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82,000 Take to Streets for Taipei LGBT Pride Parade

The China Post - Taipei, Taiwan, 10/30/2016

Thousands of people took to the streets of Taiwan to call for the legalisation of same-sex marriage. President Tsai Ing-Wen responded to the parade in a Facebook post that reaffirmed her supportive position on marriage equality. Approximately 5,000 more people attended this year’s parade than last year’s. It is the second-largest pride parade in Asia, behind Tel-Aviv.

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‘Sex’ Out of Sex Education

The Telegraph - New Delhi, India, 10/23/2016

The Human Resource Development Ministry has directed an expert panel to remove the word ‘sexual’ from a 220-page policy recommendation on the subject of education. The word appeared twice, in a half-page section detailing the importance of reproductive and sexual health guidance for teens. The section has now been reduced to one sentence. Discussions of sex and sexuality are generally considered to be taboo in India.

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Where LGBT Parents ‘Come Out’ About Their Journey of Acceptance

The Hindu - Mumbai, India, 10/23/2016

In Mumbai, parents of LGBT people shared their experiences at a press conference for the film ‘Evening Shadows’. The film is based on the personal experiences of Mr. Shrishar Rangayana, and it narrates the emotional journey of a traditional mother from a south Indian village as she handles the ‘coming out’ of her gay son. ‘Slowly, focus is increasing on LGBT rights, but nobody has spoken about what their parents go through. Sons being closest to their mothers, they become answerable. I think if a man takes about 20 years to realise his sexuality, even parents should be given some time until they can finally accept it because it is different from the traditions they followed,’ Rangayana said.

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Flexi Timings, Protection From Sexual Harassment Can Help Millions of Girls Complete Education: UNFPA

The Daily News and Analysis - Mumbai, India, 10/22/2016

Flexible timings, affordable childcare facilities, and protection from sexual harassment on the way to and within schools can help millions of adolescent girls throughout the world complete their school education, says the latest report of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The report strongly recommends comprehensive sexuality education for all girls at the crucial age of 10. ‘This will help in raising the self-esteem of girls but also changes their attitude towards social and gender norms of society,’ says the report.

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