Other Helplines

Women in Crisis Situations

Anti obscene and Anti Stalking cell, New Delhi

Anti obscene and Anti stalking cell

Phone:     1096 & 2789 4455
Timings:  All Days :24 Hours

Jagori Counselling and Support Services for Women, Delhi

Jagori provides counseling and legal aid to women in crisis situation. They also have an intervention wing, which helps women in violence situations.

Phone:     +91 880 099 6640, +91 11 2669 2700
Timings:  Mon - Fri :09:30AM - 5:30PM
Email:      jagori@jagori.org
Website:  www.jagori.org

Madhyam, Delhi

Legal counselling for women in distress. Call the number to arrange to speak with someone.

Phone:     +91 11 2437 4501
Timings:  Mon - Fri :9:00AM - 5:00PM
Email:      wji.delhi@hrln.org
Website:  www.hrln.org

Mobile Helpline, New Delhi

Provides service immediately on receiving a phone call and provides shelter and protection at BAPNU Ghar, AIWC

Phone:     1800 11 9292
Timings:  All Days :24 Hours

Pratyasha, Cochin

Free legal aid, counselling and intervention are available.

Phone:     +91 484 239 0680
Timings:  Mon - Fri :10:00AM - 5:00PM
Email:      sandhyageorge@hotmail.com
Website:  www.hrln.org

Sakhi, Pune

Counselling, personal meetings and referrals for women with domestic violence concerns.

Phone:     +91 20 2553 8434 & +91 942 101 6006
Timings:  Mon - Sat :10:00AM - 5:00PM
Email:      susamvad@rediffmail.com

Shakti Shalini, New Delhi

Shakti Shalini provides counselling for women in crisis situations. They also have other services, including shelter homes and intervention services

Phone:     +91 11 2437 3737
Timings:  Mon - Fri :11:00AM - 5:00PM
Email:      shaktishalini@gmail.com

The Purnima Foundation, Kolkata

Counselling on issues of sexuality, violence, abuse, sexual harassment at workplace, transnational relationship issues, legal issues and senior citizens.

Phone:     +33 2400 9804
Timings:  Mon - Fri :10:30AM - 4:30PM
Email:      PurnimaFoundation@pacmed.ca

Women Helpline, New Delhi

Women helpline

Phone:     181
Timings:  All Days :24 Hours

Women’s Helpline, New Delhi

This 24-hour helpline operated by the Delhi Police toll free helpline provides counselling and support services for women in crisis situations

Phone:     +91 11 2331 7004 and 1091
Timings:  All Days :24 Hours

Women’s Helpline, Kozikhode

Toll free number provides counselling, support, information or help with any subject.

Phone:     1091 (All Days 24 Hours)
Timings:  All Days :24 Hours

Women's Helpline, Ranchi

Counselling, legal aid, medical care for women in crisis situation.

Phone:     10921(All Days 24 Hours)
Timings:  Mon - Sat :7:00AM - 10:00PM
Email:      xiss@xiss.ac.in

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