Who We Are

Vision: We believe that all people have the right to sexual wellbeing and to a self-affirming and enjoyable sexuality.

Mission: TARSHI supports and enables people's control and agency over their sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing through information dissemination, knowledge and perspective building, within a human rights framework. 

We work on sexual and reproductive health and rights, without restricting it to a disease-prevention, violence against women or sexual minorities framework, but rather approaching issues of sexuality from a broader and an affirmative, rights-based perspective. We strongly believe in each individual's right to make their own choices in freedom and in dignity.  We work in the best interest of all, aim to be as inclusive as possible, remain non-judgemental, maintain boundaries and confidentiality, and treat each other with respect, be it in regard to those we work with, directly or indirectly or when it comes to reporting about people or incidents related to our work. We strive for high quality in our work, making sure that the information we give is both accurate and easily accessible - that is easy to understand, inclusive, audience-oriented, and readily available for those it is intended for. 

We work towards the following goals:

#1  Service providers adopt an affirmative, rights-based approach to sexuality, SRHR and/or counselling for SRHR issues.

#2  People, especially young people, make accurately informed, affirmative choices regarding their sexuality and SRHR.

#3  Policy decisions on issues of sexuality and SRHR are increasingly aligned with a rights-based approach, especially in India and South Asia.

TARSHI conducts trainings, workshops and consultancies to make aspects of counselling skills, gender and sexuality more accessible to people, develops publications, engages in public education, runs an infoline giving topical and lucid information on sexual and reproductive health related issues and online eLearning courses on sexuality, that reach out to a diverse audience, and support for advocacy related initiatives and activities. TARSHI also engages with organisations and individuals to highlight the importance of sexuality education for young people.