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India Plans Law to Stop Discrimination Against AIDS

, 4/4/2005

Reuters - New Delhi, India, April 4, 2005 India, which has the world's second largest HIV/AIDS population, plans to introduce a law to stop discrimination against people infected with the virus.

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India Bans Generic AIDS Drugs

, 4/3/2005

Cape Argus - Cape Town, South Africa, April 3, 2005 The future of affordable drugs for the millions of people infected with HIV/Aids has been dealt a terrible blow with the introduction of laws prohibiting the manufacture of certain generic anti-retroviral drugs.

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SC notice to Centre, Delhi Govt on Sec 377 of IPC

, 4/1/2005

Press Trust of India - New Delhi, India, April 1, 2005 The Supreme Court on Friday issued notices to the Centre and the Delhi April 1: Government on a petition filed by an NGO seeking scrapping of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, which prohibits homosexuality.

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Indian Film Industry To Release Second Feature Addressing HIV/AIDS

, 3/27/2005

Medical News Today - India, March 27, 2005 Set in the 1980s in Goa, India, "My Brother Nikhil" will address how HIV/AIDS affects relationships and marks the second commercial film to deal with this issue.

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A Misguided Anti-Vice Pledge

, 3/20/2005

Los Angeles Times - USA, March 20, 2005 U.S. policy forces U.S groups working overseas on AIDS issues to adopt - a policy explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking - before they will be considered for federal grants to provide health services overseas.

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