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Recognise the Evil and Confront It

The Hindu, 4/14/2006

The Hindu - Chennai, India, April 14, 2006 A sample study by a Chennai-based NGO called Tulir-Centre for the Prevention And Healing of Child Sexual Abuse, has shown that 42 per cent of children between the ages of 14 and 16 have faced sexual abuse in some form. The study on the prevalence of child sexual abuse, shows that boys and girls are equally vulnerable.

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The Bar Girl Story: Dance, Dishonour or Death

Times of India, 4/14/2006

Times of India - India, April 14, 2006 The two-judge division bench of the Bombay High Court quashed the Maharashtra government's law banning dance bars on grounds of discrimination under Article 14 of the Constitution of India.

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Canadian Tories Threaten Same-sex Marriage

San Francisco Bay Times, 4/13/2006

San Francisco Bay Times - San Francisco, USA, April 13, 2006 Canada's ruling Conservative Party will follow through on a campaign pledge to revisit the nation's legalization of same-sex marriage.

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Abstinence-Only Only Gets Worse

Choice! Magazine, 4/13/2006

Choice! Magazine - New York, USA, April 13, 2006 From its inception, the abstinence-only education initiative has promoted a biased moralistic agenda instead of a public health agenda.

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Brokeback Inspires New Cantonese Slang

Dallas Voice, 4/13/2006

Dallas Voice - Dallas, USA, April 13, 2006 The gay love story "Brokeback Mountain" has spawned a new slang term in Hong Kong to describe same-sex relationships like the one depicted in the Oscar-winning film by Taiwanese-born director Ang Lee.

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