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India Bans Generic AIDS Drugs

, 4/3/2005

Cape Argus - Cape Town, South Africa, April 3, 2005 The future of affordable drugs for the millions of people infected with HIV/Aids has been dealt a terrible blow with the introduction of laws prohibiting the manufacture of certain generic anti-retroviral drugs.

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SC notice to Centre, Delhi Govt on Sec 377 of IPC

, 4/1/2005

Press Trust of India - New Delhi, India, April 1, 2005 The Supreme Court on Friday issued notices to the Centre and the Delhi April 1: Government on a petition filed by an NGO seeking scrapping of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, which prohibits homosexuality.

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Indian Film Industry To Release Second Feature Addressing HIV/AIDS

, 3/27/2005

Medical News Today - India, March 27, 2005 Set in the 1980s in Goa, India, "My Brother Nikhil" will address how HIV/AIDS affects relationships and marks the second commercial film to deal with this issue.

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A Misguided Anti-Vice Pledge

, 3/20/2005

Los Angeles Times - USA, March 20, 2005 U.S. policy forces U.S groups working overseas on AIDS issues to adopt - a policy explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking - before they will be considered for federal grants to provide health services overseas.

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Introduce Care into Health Care

, 3/19/2005 - India, March 19, 2005 It's sexuality that determines reproductive health, not the other way round. This article talks about integrating sexuality into sexual and reproductive health care in India and how sexuality determines reproductive health and not the other way around.

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