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Egypt Sentences TV Host to Jail for Interviewing Gay Man

Israel Times - Cairo, Egypt, 1/20/2019

An Egyptian court on January 20, 2019, sentenced a television host to one year in prison for interviewing a gay man last year. Mohamed al-Gheiti, who in August 2018 hosted a gay man on his talk show and discussed homosexuality on air, was accused of ‘promoting homosexuality’ and ‘contempt of religion’. During the interview, the gay man, whose face was blurred to hide his identity, said he was a sex worker and openly talked about his relationship with another man. The misdemeanours court in Giza fined al-Gheiti 3,000 Egyptian pounds and ordered that he be put under surveillance for one year after serving his sentence. Homosexuality is not expressly outlawed in Egypt, but gay people have previously been charged with debauchery in the deeply conservative Muslim society.

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High Court Rules in Favour of Pregnant Woman Aspiring for Policewoman's Post, Calls Her Test Sign of Courage

India Today, India, 1/19/2019

The Madras High Court bench has said if a pregnant woman took 30 seconds extra time during the running test for the selection of Grade-II constables, the timing should be considered negligible and she should have been selected. Justice S Vimala, allowing a petition of R Devika, said that even though according to norms, the petitioner had to qualify 100 metres running event by completing the run within 17.50 seconds, a 30 second extra margin was permissible if the candidate was pregnant. The bench justified their decision by citing that the constitutional provisions of India and the maternity protection and convention of the International Labour Organisation stipulate the provision of best possible measures to support women candidates who are undergoing pregnancy or maternity.

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Indian Woman Becomes First to Climb Male-Only Mountain

CNN - Delhi, India, 1/17/2019

A woman in southern India has become the first to climb a sacred mountain after a court lifted a local custom that prohibited females from scaling the peak. The feat comes amid a fractious national debate about gender restrictions, religion and the limits of the law in India that has flared into deadly street violence. Dhanya Sanal reached the summit of the 1,868 meter-high (6,128 ft) Agasthyakoodam in southern Kerala state on January 15, 2019, following the High Court ruling in November. Earlier, people belonging to a tribal Hindu community who inhabit the forests around the mountain had opposed women climbing the peak for religious reasons. The 38-year-old, who is a spokesperson for the country's Defense Ministry, is the only woman trekker to climb the peak.

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Anger Over Textbook Advising Girls To Protect "Modesty Of Sexual Organs"

NDTV - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1/16/2019

Malaysia's Government will alter an elementary-school textbook which suggested girls should dress modestly to prevent sexual assault, authorities said on January 16, 2019, after it sparked widespread anger. Social media exploded with outrage after images circulated of a section of the book, which is used by nine-year-olds, entitled ‘Saving one's modesty’. It featured a series of pictures of a fictional girl called Amira, whose parents advise her to protect ‘the modesty of her sexual organs’ by wearing the correct attire. ‘The educational material sexualises nine-year-old girls, teaches them to be ashamed of their bodies, and shifts the blame from the perpetrator to the survivor of sexual assault,’ said Meera Samanther, activist and vice president of rights group Women's Aid Organisation.

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HCM City: Quality Health Care Services Offered For LGBT Community

Vietnam Plus - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 1/15/2019

Quality healthcare services at the public Binh Dan Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City is now being offered to people in the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ people can now receive services in a private space within their hospital to respect their anonymity and privacy and are offered special services according to their needs including: medical or surgical transition (for transgender people), treatment for HIV and other STIs, as well as psychological healthcare. Due to the general stigma around homosexuality in the country, many of its LGBTQ people in the past have avoided health care or sought illegal services. Therefore, this is a big and important step in the positive direction, making healthcare more accessible within the community.

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