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Disability Related Resources

Action for Autism (AFA)

This is a website for a Delhi-based organisation, AFA that provides 'support and services to persons with autism and those who work with them in South Asia'. The website has information regarding care and services for autistic children in India as well as links to information and education resources about autism.

Disability India Network

This is an India-based website that provides a network of support and information about disability services throughout the country.

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Life Centre

The website of this US-based group has information and learning resources is geared toward people with disabilities and their families. The site has interesting links to information on Care, Leisure, Support and Wellness (including for spouses and parents of people with disabilities).

Sexuality and Disability

This is a website that starts with the premise that women who are disabled are sexual beings - just like any other woman. It discusses a wide range of topics related to sexuality without shying away from them - parts of it are explicit. People have different views of what is and isn't appropriate and it includes them all. This website is accessible to people with disabilities; special features have been included to ensure this.

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